Solidigm's Journey: Practicing Openness and Inclusion from the Start

By Katie Watson, Chief Human Resources Officer, Solidigm

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Creating a truly inclusive workplace is more than a program or policy. It’s a commitment to fully listening and learning from one another. During the first inclusion week since starting Solidigm, that’s exactly what our team has done.

We began with the basics – what does inclusion mean? While we often see diversity and inclusion used interchangeably, there are subtle, but critically important differences between the two. We must understand these nuances before we can become a truly inclusive workplace. Inclusion strategist Verna Myers describes it this way: “Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.”  Inclusion allows everyone to be engaged as their full selves once they’ve arrived. Inclusion necessitates an all-of-company, daily commitment to make sure team members are involved, heard, and supported. This is reflected in our core value of “Openness,” which is reinforced for all team members from the moment they join our organization. 

Inclusion necessitates an all-of-company, daily commitment to make sure team members are involved, heard, and supported

This is especially vital for an innovation-driven business like Solidigm. We can only find and pursue the best ideas if everyone feels fully included and supported to voice their views. That’s why Solidigm has made foundational commitments to our people and our communities: advancing diversity and inclusion; embracing volunteerism; and committing to human rights and ethical principles.

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From an HR perspective, we have the opportunity as a young company to build these principles into our benefits from the ground-up – and continue this journey as we grow. For example, we offer:

  • A vacation policy that’s as flexible as our team members need it to be. We do not have traditional Paid Time Off (PTO). We know our colleagues have different responsibilities and needs outside of the workplace, so we’ve created a flexible environment that enables team members to take the time they need when they need it, not only for vacations, but for things like family commitments, religious observances, or taking care of a loved one.

  • Hybrid work that puts teams and team members at the center. We encourage each team to make their own decisions in how they work and collaborate with one another. Our people know best when and where they can be most productive. Trust and empowerment are key.

  • Compensation that recognizes worth. It’s simple – when people are paid appropriately and have short and long-term financial opportunity, their stress is reduced, they feel recognized for their contributions, and these help to unleash their potential.
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These are just a few of the many benefits we are proud to offer our team members. As we come to the end of this year's inclusion week, we are inspired to continue advancing this commitment.

We are energized for our future and the culture we are creating where team members bring their own perspectives, contribute, collaborate, and fuel our shared success.

Solidigm is dedicated to driving change, bringing new perspectives to light, and fueling human advancement, in all its forms.

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